2017 Resolution

So, its been a while since my last blog post, actually about 17 months!!
A change of workshop space, moving home and various other disruptions have taken my eye from the ball.

However, I was’t dead, just sleeping, and have been planning a project for 2017.

The plan, is to convert a building site dumper into a useful forklift/loader for use around the workshop, I’ve plans to develop it into a tool-carrier platform too, so that I can switch it’s function by installing a range of implements designed for specific tasks. For example, it would be useful to have a mobile log splitter, so I’ll build one as an attachment. I’ve plans for a range of accessories, such as pipe benders, material grabs, a post hole auger, etc.
Having given a lot of thought to the design and engineering of the project, it occurred to me that others might enjoy seeing my thoughts and sharing some the highs and lows of the build.
To that end, I’m planning a series of Youtube videos which will document my design thoughts and progress with the project.
I plan to put the first of the videos up in late February, I’m trying to storyboard them right now.

Therefore, my New Year resolution is to get some work done, and record the process as proof!!