Hi, this is the personal website of James Walters.

I design, fabricate and repair a wide variety of interesting projects on a part-time basis, as a stimulating diversion from my daily routine.

I have been commissioned to develop projects across East Sussex and Kent in the domestic, agricultural and industrial sectors.

Principally, I work in metal, but have worked in all materials and media, and use 3d printing routinely to prototype ideas.

I specialise in the development of low volume products, and the application of high-end technologies to small projects in a cost effective manner.

I work from a compact, yet capable fabrication workshop/machine shop. I use Solidworks 3d CAD software to model and prototype ideas for clients approval.

I offer a one-stop service from initial consultation, through to product delivery and commissioning.

My blog, as it develops, will give a fuller flavour of my capabilites. If you find anything on this site of interest to you, please do drop me an email or leave a comment. I’d be delighted to hear from you.

james [at] jhwengineering.co.uk