Benford TT2000 dumper conversion

This page is a collection of images and videos pertaining to my dumper loader project.

The endeavour is to build an all terrain loader/lift/tool platform.

The machine will be limited through the design of the mechanism and hydraulic system to a lift capacity of 800kgs, with an anticipated lift reach of 2.7 metres.

Additional hydraulic piping to the boom will enable additional equipment such a post auger, pipe manipulators and material grabs, etc to be added to the basic set-up.

I will post images and short video clips here which are pertinent to my dumper conversion project.  See blog posts for more information.

Clicking on the images will open a high resolution version.

Dumper/Loader revised arrangement

The lift arm will be fitted to a sub-frame which will attach using the original dumper skip mounting points.

Benford TT200 dumper loader conversion

At this stage, I haven’t decided upon the final configuration of vertical plates to which the boom is fixed.

However, I will add a plate between the two to increase the torsional stiffness of the column.

This view highlights the importance of operator safety, especially the risk of loaded items falling backwards.

I will incorporate a protection cage/cabin into the ROPS.


This was the original drawing, sadly now lost due to a hard drive error.

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