CAD fabrication project

Recently I was approached for help with a deceptively simple project.

The task required the development of some rectangular frustrums (frustra?) with a supporting structure in steel.

I used Solidworks™ to develop the 3d models, and the sheet metal function within the software to generate the 2d surface developments for laser cutting and folding.

Solidworks™ is an amazing tool for this sort of work, enabling geometries and clearances to be checked before cutting any material.





Even the supporting structure shown here in blue was modelled with interlocking tabs to ensure a perfect fit, speeding up fabrication time and minimizing wastage.




Once the drawings had been double-checked, the finished parts were cut folded and tacked ready for delivery.





This photograph shows how the internal ribs differ for each of the frusta forms.







A close-up of the laser-cut rib showing how the brackets attach.  CAD is brilliant when it comes to developing a products accuracy and repeatability.  The tab into the slot of the bracket finishes shy of the outer surface so that the weld can achieve a good penetration.  These joints will require little if any post finishing.

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