Dumper/loader project update

Dumper/Loader revised arrangement  (click for hi-res image)




So, I'd been making some progress with my loader project.  The base vehicle, a Benford TT2000 site dumper had been got running, and an electric start conversion added. I'd meticulously filmed the process for the purposes of makinga YouTube video on the subject.  Unfortunately, just as this was accomplished, my hard drive failed and all the footage was corrupted.  This was doubly annoying, as I also lost all of the work I had done in Solidworks modelling the loader.

It had been my intention to introduce the project on this blog, together with uploading short videos onto YouTube in the hope that my efforts might be of interest to others.

It's not worked out that way because of the pc failure, and the data loss has required re-drawing my ideas, however they've changed a little so that's no bad thing.

The picture above shows where my thinking is now.  I will update on here as the project moves forward.




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